31 July 2006

Mickaël has organised a short outing to Le Rebollion. We are to meet with Alex and Mickaël's passengers Franck and Delphine at the Dent d'Oche departure parking. It's the first club outing this year and there are a lot of people present: Annelise, Jeremie, Philippe, Michel and Maurice.
A short break at the Chalets d'Oche water trough lets us make a photo for posterity, in good tourist fashion.
The last slope doesn't take us too long, and we have a quick bite to eat at Le Col du Rebollion before we start getting ready to take to the air. Everybody looks for a place to lay their wing. I must be quite impressive from the other side of the valley.
After the usual briefing, Alex and passenger Delphine take off first, followed by Michel. Unfortunately, Michel has a big tangle on the left hand side and has to land on the slope to start over again. After Jeremie takes off, it's now Philippe's turn to get in the air, but he doesn't pull his wing high enough and has to start over too.
Anelise shows us the propper way to do it, and then Mickaël with Frank take off. I close the flight. A gentle gust takes me at the right time, and I'm in flight without any difficulty. I follow the ridge for a short while but without finding any lift. I have ample time to round the rocky outcrop and cross the valley, following Philippe and Mickaël to the rocky outcrops in the sunshine. There is very little thermal activity, and it's time to fly over the village to go over the landing field. I can see a few wings on the ground, the first pilots have already folded their paragliders.
I'm way above the ski lift cable and I round my trajectory just right to land delicately in the mddle of the group. Actually, it was just to impress the tourists that are watching us from the balconies around.
As last year, that was a very nice outing.


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