13 August 2005

Verbier 2

Jan soon arrives to pick us up, and we're driving to La Croix to do a bit of soaring, as the Southerly is fairly strong. When we get there, a local pilot asks us to look after his glider while he goes to fetch his friend that had to land at the bottom of the slope during a lull in the wind.
We setup and soon most of the group has taken to the air, but nobody seems to stay up for very long. The wind is not strong enough to soar in dynamic in front of the take off. I let Jan take off and then follow him. We execute a few "S" turns and I decide to head to the left to look for some thermal lift along the rocky slope. I find some, but it's very small, and not powerful at all, so it's soon time to prepare for landing.

That was a short flight, but fun nevertheless.

Technical data: Flight duration 0:15, Take-off altitude: 2114m, Maximum altitude reached: 2114m, Total climb during flight: 140m, Max rate of climb: +1.6m/s, Max descent rate: -3.0m/s, Landing altitude: 640m.


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