14 July 2005

Short flight in Orcier

Late afternoon, after moving fridges (don't ask), I get to the club in Orcier. Quite a few people are already folding their wings on the freshly manicured grounds. Serge really spoils us with pristine maintenance of the facilities.
It doesn't take long to fill the truck and we're off to Tres-le-Mont. As we get there, the weather vane indicates a Northerly wind, so we drive down to Le Couteau. We're rapidly in the air, but the thermals are very small, and the wind irregular and changing direction. There is some Southerly flow higher up.

I decide to leave the side of the cliff and seek possible lift over the plain, but today's not my lucky day...

Technical data: Flight duration 0:15, Take-off altitude: 1330m, Maximum altitude reached: 1330m, Total climb during flight: 216m, Max rate of climb: +1.6m/s, Max descent rate: -3.2m/s, Landing altitude: 640m.


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