11 November 2005

Signes - At last!

I have visited Signes many times, trying to get a flight there, but the weather conditions have not been kind to me. So far.
Although I get there after the last vehicle departure, I am determined to fly and set on the path on foot. On my way up, a few pilots fly over my head. Up already... The climb is very scenic and pleasant, and I'm standing on the take-off area just before sunset.

The view is very nice and I enjoy it while I setup. I'm still in the sunshine, but the bottom of the valley is invaded fast by the advancing shade.
panoramic - Take-off in Signes

The flight is very short, as it's late in season and late in the day and the thermals are not in activity.
I fly towards the center of the valley and close a wide circle around the landing site.
In flight
It was a short flight, but very pleasant. I'll definitely come back in summer...

Technical data: Flight duration 0:08, Take-off altitude: 712m, Maximum altitude reached: 712m, Total climb during flight: 20m, Max rate of climb: +0.6m/s, Max descent rate: -4.0m/s, Landing altitude: 200m.


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