02 December 2005

Training for Aconcagua

As the trip to Aconcagua is getting nearer, our training is intensifying. I've even started to go to gym! This morning, however, the weather forecast announces rain for this aftternoon, so I rush to get some outside activity before the weather changes. Yesterday was a beautiful day, but I was in Geneva for the whole day and couldn't take advantage of it.
I leave the house shortly before half past nine, there is a cloudy layer overhead, but I'm quite certain it's not thick and I might even get a bit of sunshine on the other side of the castle hill. I'm actually in the cloud layer when I get over to the other side of the castle. There's still snow on the ground, so I guess the area was overcast yesterday afternoon too. The grassy patches crunch under my foot, the temperature is below freezing, and I'm pleased I spent all that money on thermal gear.
I get to Orcier and start on the path in the woods. The first section is very steep, and after the first half, there is quite a bit of snow on the path, which makes it slippery and slows down my progression a little.
I get to the ridge in about thirty centimeters of fresh snow. It's very pretty and really gives me the feel that winter has started.
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