01 August 2011

Quick flight before leaving

This morning I went for a short mountaineering outing with my niece Elisabeth. The weather was excellent. As is usual when I don't take my wing, the conditions would have been perfect for a take off. What makes it very frustrating is that we were at Le Billiat, a summit that I've climbed quite a number of times, hoping to fly, but had to postpone because the weather conditions weren't good enough for my level of skills.

So this afternoon, it's sort of a last minute chance, before we fly off to the USA tomorrow.

In flight

Technical data: Flight duration 0:55, Take-off altitude: 1550m, Maximum altitude reached: 1402m, Total climb during flight: 1340m, Max rate of climb: +2.8m/s, Max descent rate: -3.8m/s, Landing altitude: 640m.



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