26 May 2005

Still not the office, trying a tandem prototype.

Alex was lent a prototype of the “Bionic 2”, a revolutionary design of paraglider. Bionic 2From a distance, it has a very distinctive profile, featuring a keel in the middle of the wing, separating in effect the airfoil in two separate wings, as it should be. I’m playing potato bag in this one, so my hands are free to snap plenty shots The wing flies beautifully, and Alex is quite thrilled, although he complains a couple of times about it being heavy on the controls. We get to the vertical of the landing field, and he takes the wing through a couple of tight turns. Test Bionic - 362 To me, it feels like everything is pretty much the way it should be. Alex then lines up for the landing, and it’s then that I realize we’re flying at a hell of a speed. At the last minute, Alex pulls the brakes in a nice flare and we conclude this exciting flight safely in a heap…
That was the final note to a beautiful day. Working definitely gets in the way of such activities, I can’t wait for the week-end…


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