26 May 2005

Not the office, an outing to “La Chapelle des Hermones”.

It’s almost three in the afternoon. The crowd gathering at the paragliding club is growing restless, everybody wants to go up to Très-le-Mont on this sunny day, but there are road works on the way there, and we’re not sure of which road to take. A small group finally decides to attempt the normal road, hoping we’ll be able to bypass the roadwork area as some did the previous day.
We’re not that lucky, so we drive to Jouvernaisinaz and leave the car a few hundred meters from Le Col du Feu. The climb in the hot sun is far less pleasant than this morning, but it still beats going to the office…

We get to the chapel in about an hour, and we’re soon taking off. I’m the last one left on the ground, closing the site, and the wind is very capricious. It takes me quite a few attempts to get airborne, as the wind is Westerly, not an optimal orientation for this site. When I finally manage to fly off, the others have landed already. I fight a little bit in the thermals, but they’re not formed enough for me to gain or even maintain my altitude. I’m hot and bothered, so I take the direction of the landing field and drop down to the paragliding club, ending an average flight.

No pictures on this flight, as I was too busy concentrating ot catch whatever thermals I could...


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